Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Police Came to Visit

The day after I submitted our police clearance certificate application, someone from the wrong police station called and said they’d received our application, but since it was the wrong station, they were forwarding it to the right one.  That was a week ago and we hadn’t heard anything.  So this afternoon I called today to the main station and asked them what the status of our application was.  The man quickly informed me it had been forwarded to the right station, and I should go there and check.  
So I went there. : )  The officer at the front desk listened, made a phone call, then said, “Here is your constable’s number.  Go home, call him and tell him you’ve reached, and he’ll come.”  Well, okay!
So I came home and called.  He said he was arriving in five minutes.  So we scrambled to pick the house up, get the kids a bit settled, and waited to see what was going to happen. Oh, and I put on some chai. : )

So they arrived, two of them.  They were really nice, but barely sat down before they said, “Can you take us to see the neighbors?”  So I walked them down and they rang the bell.  I wasn’t sure if I should stay or not.  But they went into our neighbors house and sat down, and started asking them questions.  They were there quite awhile.  Then they needed to talk to another neighbor.  So we went across the hall.  Same thing, same questions.  You know what’s amazing?  It was Friday afternoon at 4, and both of these neighbors, and their husbands were at home!  (Because of course, only the husbands could sign the papers).  Can you believe it?  God... only God. 
So after the visit with the neighbors they came back and told us they needed copies of all the kids birth certificates, our passports, and our lease.  All things we had on hand and could copy  on our printer.  (There were a few other logical things they could have asked for that would have presented a problem, but they didn’t ask for those things).  Again, only God. 
While Paul was making all the copies, one of them was sitting on the floor in the living room with Levi, just playing and smiling, while the other one talked to me about his children and wife.  They were both incredibly nice, friendly, and just at ease.  No pretensions, no power trips, no desire to take advantage of us in our “need” and their ability to frustrate.  They only seemed like they wanted to help.  So refreshing. 
Once Paul had all the copies, they looked over them, made sure everything was in order, then said, “Okay, thank you!  We’ll go now.”  They also offered us their numbers before they left, in case we ever met with any problems or trouble, they asked us to call them.  
Only God could have accomplished what happened today.  I am so thankful that he is so able to surprise me with such a pleasant experience with the police.  
Now, we will keep trusting him to see it through until we have the paper in hand. : )

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