Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's the difference between a toilet and a washing machine?

Paul went yesterday out to the outskirts of our city to visit with a friend.  This friend told him a lot of really funny cross-cultural stories, but this one... I just can’t not share it. : )

He, let’s call him Don, said that he had a friend come in from his village to visit.  Let’s call the friend Sam.  So Don shows Sam his room.  While settling in, he looks in the bathroom and sees something he’s never seen before.  A white bowl with a lid, and a button that when pushed, swirls the water around.  When Sam goes out, he asks Don, “What is that thing in the bathroom?  The bucket with the water that swishes when you push the button?”  Don says, “Oh, that must be one of these new electrical washing machines.  You get some powdered soap from the market and put it inside, then put your clothes inside, close the lid, and push the button.  After some time, your clothes will be clean.”  
So while Sam was out that day, he picked up some of that powdered soap. 
That night, he decided to try this new washing machine on his new shirt, which undoubtedly he had gotten special for his trip to the big city.  He opened the toilet, put the powdered soap in and his shirt, closed the lid and pushed the button.  He heard the swishing, waited a few minutes, and opened the toilet to find, his shirt had disappeared! 
He noticed the hole and thought, “Maybe it got stuck up in there...” so he stuck his whole arm and hand as far as he could, but couldn’t find his new shirt.  Awww....
Don said a few days after Sam  left, the whole toilet got clogged and they had to take the plumbing all apart, but they found that shirt. 
True story.  : )

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