Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tapestry of Grace Year 1: Week 2

This was another great week with Tapestry.  And, I'd like to add, that we are loving our writing and grammar programs: Writing With Ease and First Language Lessons, both by Peace Hill Press.

Here are the photo highlights of the week!

 We finished up with the salt maps, labeling all the landforms with their proper geographic terms.

 We took a field trip to our handicraft center to help pack up the products for the first shipment back to the US!!  So excited!

 We made the double crown of Egypt and listened to our history lesson while pretending to be Pharaoh.

We posed as if we were in a hieroglyph or tomb painting.

In addition, we did copywork and narration out of Pinocchio, L studied capital letters and periods, added proper nouns to his word bank, and we started a "People of the Ancient World" book, where he'll draw pictures of historical figures and events in their life, and then caption the drawing.  These week, he drew Moses and Aaron returning to Egypt to free the Israelites.  We also had a great time continuing our Music for little Mozarts for piano lessons.

It was a great week!  One of the (many) reasons we chose homeschooling is that if we get the travel bug or Paul's work takes him on the road, we figured we could just pack up the school books and go with him.  This coming week, we're going to put that theory to the test.  We'll be spending the week in another city visiting with friends, and so next week's post will be interesting... it will be hotelschool instead of homeschool. : )

See you then!


  1. You are SO the crafty mom! Great job!

  2. Oh, Jess, I'm so NOT! That's why I love Tapestry, it gives all these ideas and how to do it. My kids would never get to do stuff like this if I had to go track it down or think it up. : ) I hate messes! But they love doing it!

  3. what fantastic double crowns and salt maps! u r a super mum. i am excited to read ur next post from ur hotel school.