Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pinterest Love

When I first heard about Pinterest(.com), I wrote it off as another thing to distract me from my family, husband, responsibilities, and keep me glued to the computer.  I resisted joining for months.  But last week, I asked a good friend to show it to me, and realized, this could be really useful.  So I joined, promising myself to carefully monitor if it was becoming addicting and time consuming for me, and quit if it did.

So far, I am loving Pinterest.  I don't spend very much time on there at all.  (Not even every day, just a couple times this week for less than 10-15 minutes each).  I do feel the time I spend is incredibly helpful.  I would so love to do creative things with my kids, but I'm not creative enough to think of fun activities and crafts to do.  I rarely have the time to sit and search blogs for ideas of things I can do with resources I have available where we live.  Pinterest has really helped!  It consolidates a lot of great ideas and presents them with one quick picture and scroll of a page.  Anything I like, I quickly pin to my boards, and come back to later when we want to do a craft, or I need a quick idea for how to fix K's hair, or I remember a recipe that I saw and want to try.  Instead of wasting time, I really see it as saving me time, and giving me more fun things to do with my kids.  I really, really love it.  Here are some things we incorporated into our life this week from ideas I got from Pinterest. : )

I saw this idea of taking a picture of each student the first day of school every year with their name written on a chalkboard.  Love it!  So quick and easy, but will make a great keepsake!

I also got the idea for K's hair-do on Pinterest.  So quick, and cute! A nice change from a pony tail or pigtails...

This might be my favorite of her, but a bit too blurry.

Found this idea of melting crayon shavings between wax paper and making cutouts to catch the sunshine.  The original had them strung on a string dangling in front of the window, so pretty. I couldn't find my sewing kit, so just resorted to sticking them to the window.  I was so proud of K and myself for doing this! I'm NOT a crafty mom! :) 

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