Friday, October 7, 2011

Tapestry: Week 9 &10

We hit a slump last week.  It was the end of the unit, and the kids were getting a little bored with more stories of the wandering Israelites in the desert.  I was a bit ready to move on myself.  We didn't do much last week in the way of activities except for this:
I think this is a pretty cool activity.  It was pretty simple to do... and the kids got to practice the names of the 12 tribes and see how perfectly God designed the camp so the Tabernacle was protected from all sides. 

I appreciated the organization that went into this.  Every time the Israelites made camp, each tribe and family knew right where to set up their camp based on the location of the Tabernacle.  That must have made the process so much smoother.

For week 10, I haven't taken any pictures.  None.  L has hit his own slump of bad attitude.  He's having a hard time listening to stories and answering questions this week.  He's not wanting to do any history reading at all.  He rushes through his work boxes. I think it's time for a break.  We have a break week planned week after next, but we might have to take it slow and light next week and just play together and work on character development to remind ourselves of how we are to behave in this house. : )  Some weeks are better than others, I'm learning. This week had the potential to be great fun.  I think we might continue the Tapestry Week 10 next week, because it was covering ancient Indian civilizations, and I feel like we barely scraped the surface.  We'll hopefully dive in a little deeper next week!

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