Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tapestry: Week 13

Once again, Daddy was on this week.  Our business handicraft center needed a little attention last week, so I was out every day trying to train a new manager.  She's doing a great job, so I'm back at home this week for Week 14.

Last week, Paul began a 2-3 week study of Ancient Greece.  I have no pictures.  None.  But, he did say the book we had on Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece was strange and he wasn't comfortable reading it to them.  However, they LOVED the two literature selections, The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War, and Jason and the Golden Fleece.  He did a lot of science, music, and core subject work with them last week.  I'm so thankful for a husband who is truly a partner and we work as a team in life.

Hopefully, the next few weeks will be a little more interesting to read about. : )

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