Sunday, December 18, 2011

Please Pray...

Please join us in praying for this little boy.  He's 7 months old.  His name is Yusuf.  He is the son of a friend of ours.  His father is a tailor and does not have enough income to meet Yusuf's medical needs...

Yusuf has a failing liver.  Two months after he was born and he was still jaundiced, his parents took him to a doctor.  The doctor did some tests and determined his liver was not functioning.  They did some kind of surgery (paid for by donations from people in the families community) that attempted to re-direct or re-route something in his liver. I don't quite understand it all.  

It apparently has not worked.  The doctors said it could take several months to see if the surgery would begin working.  Yusuf's stools are still white.  His eyes are very yellow.  The palms of his hands are even yellow.  He has been running a fever for over a month. 

The doctors say the only thing left to do is a liver transplant.  This will cost $50,000.  It is completely unattainable for them.  

Yusuf is a beautiful baby, with a loving and beautiful family.  I am struggling with this.  

What is the price of a life?  

Is it $50,000?  That's the price of Yusuf's life right now.  We are praying for healing.  We are praying for wisdom.  We are praying for a late onset of the first surgery taking effect.  

But each week that passes, and his eyes and hands are still yellow... his fever is still lingering... I fret a bit more.  What more can we do?  God doesn't always choose to heal.  I struggling to sit and watch this boy die...  I want to DO something... .

Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief!!


  1. In scripture we see that Jesus called the meaning of sickness: spritual oppression, the result of sin, for His glory to be shown. I want very much to believe for healing, miraculous, through medicine, whatever makes it "happily ever after." Yet if He does not so move, it can only be for blessing, though a deeply bitter one. The song "Blessing" by Laura Story has been a treasure to me in the pain of grief. Praying God speaks to your heart and moves mountains.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement. I appreciate it very much! Though I do want to point out that Jesus clearly says in John 9: 3, referring to a man born blind, "It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the words of God might be displayed in him." It is not safe to assume that sickness is the result of sin, ever. It is not for us to determine the "why" of this child's illness. Only what our response in obedience is to be. I'll be sure to listen to the song by Laura Story! Thanks for the suggestion! : )

  3. I will be praying for God's healing power on Yusuf. He is beautiful. My heart breaks for you and your family. As parent we are to give our children to God and realize our children belongs to God, he is Gods little creation. In God's loving and healing arms is the safest place he can be.
    Debbie Unruh

  4. oh Megan. I remember you mentioning him before I believe. So heart-wrenching...thanks for sharing. Praying now.

  5. So very sad. Praying for wisdom for all involved and for God to be glorified mightily in this situation. Please also know your entire family is bring lifted before His throne regarding rapidly approaching events and specific prayer requests.