Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yusuf Update

God prompted me on Sunday night after writing about Yusuf to just do a little research and SEE if there were any options for him.  Several hours later, I had found three hospitals in India who perform infant liver transplants AND have social aid programs.  I have contacted all three, and one of them has been very prompt and professional, and the ball is rolling....

Yusuf's medical records have been forwarded to them, they've asked for a current blood test, which the family is doing as I write.  Once they have the results, the head surgeon in Delhi has asked to see them in person.  We're hoping to get them there by the first of next week. God has even provided a friend of ours in Delhi to accompany them to the hospital to meet the doctor.

Please, please pray:

-That Yusuf will be a candidate for transplant
-That one of his parents will be a match to donate part of their liver to him
-That God will miraculous provide the means for this transplant to happen (whether through fundraising, or free treatment from the hospital, or a combination).

We are walking in faith that Yusuf's life is precious to God, he was given by God, and He will make a way....

Pray for this family.  They are walking in faith as well, but this is a scary path for them...  

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