Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Job for Everyone

I have high ambitions.  Big ideas in my head of how a house smoothly runs, how children help and have ownership in the chores around the house, how happily they will help and pitch in.  I dream of being a disciplined, organized mom.  Because I'm so not that.

But, this year, I at least went to the effort of creating a "system" to help the kids learn to do little jobs around the house.  Actually, I didn't create it. I just made our own version based on the book "The Everyday Family Chore System" by Vicky Bentley.

Here are some pictures of what we've got up around the house and got the kids doing.  It comes and goes, but the five finger jobs every morning are consistently sticking around, which is a step in the right direction. : )

The kids each have five jobs they do every morning.  They get to wear these little clip on hands if they want to, until their jobs are done.  Their five morning jobs are: 
1. Make my bed
2. Get Dressed
3. Brush hair and teeth
4. Tidy my room
5. Job chart jobs

Then, I have a set of jobs they can do around the house.  Each week, they get two jobs. The jobs rotate so they don't get bored with them. And they're learning a lot about taking care of the house.  There is also one weekly job that just gets done once a week.  So this week, Luke's two house jobs are to rinse the dishes and help sort laundry.  Kiryn's are to set the table and sweet the kitchen and dining room.  Luke's weekly job is to help me wash windows.  And Kiryn's is to help me clean the TV cabinet. 

The first week we did this, they had great attitudes about it and were really helpful!  We gave them stars for doing a good job: 2 stars for first time obedience without complaining, 1 star for one reminder, and o zero stars if it took more than that, or if there was complaining.  At the end of the week, they got to redeem their stars for a trip to Baskin Robbins as a family to celebrate a good week of jobs! : ) 

I wish I could say I've been disciplined enough to keep this going every week.  It's kind of hit and miss, but something at least to work toward being consistent with over the course of the year.  : )

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