Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Wonder of Technology

We had a GREAT day today!  A friend we've had for ten years currently lives in Addis Ababa. She offered to go to the care center to visit Meryn, and the day before she planned to go, asked if we'd like her to take her computer so we could Skype while she was there.  WhAt?  Of course!

So today we were on pins and needles, waiting for the call that she was there and ready to go.  Even though the picture between India and Ethiopia was pretty grainy, it did all our hearts good to see our little girl!!  One of the first things my friend K showed me was Meryn ROLLING OVER!  Oh, so happy to see this! : )

I think Aynalem, Meryn's nanny, looks just amazed that she's seeing us on the computer! So cute! : ) 

K got to ask Aynalem a lot of questions since she can speak Amharic.  I learned that Aynalem is not married and has no children and lives with her family in Addis.  She's been working at the care center for six months, and she really loves those three babies they've given her to watch after. She called the other two babies in the crib with Meryn her brother and sister. : )

Meryn clearly loves Aynalem.  She wouldn't take a bottle from K, but calmed down and ate great with Aynalem.  She watches everywhere she goes and reaches for her and is definitely relieved to see her and go to her.  She's the only mother Meryn's known in her life.  I'm thankful for Aynalem and her genuine love for Meryn, her sweet gentle spirit.  She asked when we were coming back (I think more with the thought, "How much longer do I have with this sweet girl?"), and said "I love you, I love you." to us on Skype.  Thank you God, for answering my prayer to give Meryn a loving care taker for this time.  It makes the wait so much easier...

So thankful for the technology to get to be with our little girl for just a few minutes today! Thank you, thank you, thank you, K! : ) 


  1. That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. love this. i love my Yishi and my Aberesh, my two nannies across the hall from Meryn. it makes me so happy to be with our agency.

  3. Thankful for skype and nannies who teach our children how to love.

  4. Megan,
    What a blessing for your family!! Meryn is getting so big! She is beautiful..


  5. That is so amazing! What a precious gift from the Lord during a trying time of waiting!

  6. What an absolute joy to read! I was looking at the pictures on FB and just marveling at how beautiful she is. I know it is silly, but I have often thought how much she looks like a preedy, with darker skin. :). every time I read something about this process my heart is wrenched and pulled in so many directions... I can only imagine how it is for you all. We are praying for you and waiting anxiously to hear that you are on your way to Addis Ababa!