Monday, February 20, 2012

Yusuf Update: Surgery Delayed

We heard the good news over the weekend that Yusuf's surgery was scheduled for this Wednesday, the 22nd.  We went into a flurry of making plans for this week... one of us needed to go up there, and take the four girls who've been home without their parents and baby brother for two months to see their family!  No trains were available, so we decided I'd just have to drive me and the girls up there on Tuesday and stay for two nights, be at the hospital all day Wednesday, and return to Jaipur on Thursday. 

However, this afternoon, the doctors called and said they can't do the surgery as planned.  Yusuf has had an infection coming and going, and the surgeon says it basically won't clear up until he gets a new liver.  But now, his mother and father both have an infection as well.  Coughs, fevers, etc.  Since his father is having surgery to remove a portion of his liver to donate, the docs say they can't risk the father and mother both being sick while their wounds are healing from the transplant. They need to wait until their better.  So they'll re-evaluate on Friday. 

This means that we will not get to be there for the surgery. : (  On Saturday, Paul leaves on a five day trip, and on Wednesday, I go to join him in a city south of us.  From there, we will have a little three day get-away planned and will not return home until March 9th.  

Please pray for this family! The girls are so disappointed that they're not able to go see their parents tomorrow.  Pray for the infection to go away.  Pray for Yusuf's transplant to happen without issues or complications.  And pray for healing in all their bodies so we can get this show on the road!

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