Thursday, March 22, 2012


I'm an IKEA-a-holic.  Which is not a good thing, because we live no where near one.  There's not one for several countries around. But, I have a running wish list of items from IKEA that I WILL get, somehow, someway. : ) I'm not ashamed to beg people I know who are traveling to Thailand or Dubai to bring me even just one thing back to mark off my list.

This week, a friend's parents were coming to visit Jaipur.  They live in Atlanta, where there is an IKEA.  I asked her if I could pay for an extra bag if she'd go shopping at IKEA for me.  She agreed, wonderful woman that she is!  So I sent her my whole wish list (all four pictorial pages, ha!), and sent her shopping for me.

When they arrived and brought the suitcase, she told me it was a gift from some friends of hers!  They had asked her what she had to do before going to India, and she told them about my ridiculous request!  They decided they wanted to bless our family by paying for it and the extra bag! I was totally floored! WHAT a BLESSING indeed! : )  I was so excited to get to work putting to use all the wonderful things she brought!

These green bins are perfect for storing toys with lots of little pieces, like Legos, but also keeping them from getting dusty.  The lid doesn't attach, just nestles in, so there's no small parts to break off or snap, rendering it useless.  And they stack! So neat and tidy...

Wall bins, collapsible tunnel, box bins, wall pockets... everything has a place!I love that this enables Luke to have his art supplies all handy, but keeps them off his desk.  And Levi LOVES that tunnel.  I love these box bins.  We've had some for over two years, and they are still holding up strong and look great.  Not a single one has broken.  This is one of the many reasons I love IKEA.  Their stuff is durable.  And believe me, I have destructive children...

Luke has been reading at night in his bed, but we haven't been able to find a light that would work.  This wall light is perfect... it has a shade over the bulb to dim and soften the light, and to prevent little hands from touching a hot bulb, and a glow in the dark button to turn it on! 

Kiryn loves this hanging duck with pockets, and decided it was the new home for her underwear and socks.  Not what I would have put in it, but it's her room.  : )  Also, her stuffed animals finally all have a home in the collapsible mesh bin.  

More bins and boxes for making things look tidy!  I love an organized space...

Denise, Thank you SO much for bringing us these treasured things that make my heart so happy.  And tell your friends thank you from the bottom of my heart for their generosity! 


  1. Love it, Megan! We are in Atlanta now, and IKEA is my favorite store! So happy that someone blessed you. :) Praying for you to have your sweet babe home soon!

  2. :) Sounds like fun! :) Enjoy your new gear!

  3. Great! Looks super fun :) -- hope you enjoy your new gear!!!

  4. Did you know there's an IKEA in BKK?? Opened last fall! :OD