Saturday, March 31, 2012

Luke's Legos

Luke got a set of Lego's for Christmas.  Well, they're Indian made, so not technically Legos.  They don't quite stick together as well as Legos do.  But, he's really enjoying them all the same.  We bought him a small house construction set to see if he'd play with them or not.  Goodness, he spends hours re-creating the designs in the manual it came with.  He can re-create anything in there in just a few minutes now.  He's built them all dozens of times.  He loves doing it over and over. But if you ask him to build something NOT in the manual... well, let's just say he takes after his mom.  He can reproduce anything.  But to think of something new, that's really tough. : ) But he is precise!  Right down to the angle of the front door, and the man bending at the waist in the front yard, it's all spot on!

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