Sunday, March 25, 2012

No Words for This Kind of PRAISE!

Today, Baby Yusuf was discharged from the hospital. We were able to visit him and his parents for the first time since his liver transplant almost one month ago.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves (mostly)!

I just have to say... Oh.My.Word.  Look at all that hair! This kid had no hair. His body is finally working and giving him the nourishment he needs! And he's BROWN!!! Not YELLOW!!! Praise God, Praise God....

Yusuf's father in the background, so happy!

How precious is he!!??

Yusuf with his beautiful mother..., and the first time I've ever seen him smile! LOVE! She kept telling him, "Yusuf, you need to get well fast! Meryn is coming to play with you!" Melt my heart... They're just about three months apart...

Just LOOk at those eyelashes!

All the medicines for Yusuf.  His parents are troopers to be keeping track of all this!

The happy family (minus the four proud sisters... a new family photo coming soon when they return to Jaipur!)

Please take a moment to just thank God for this boy's life. Pray for the family. Praise God and Bless His Name for rescuing and saving this little boy, and bringing Glory to Himself in the process.  We are so humbled and in awe to have witnessed it...

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