Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tapestry of Grace: Week 25

This second week in our 3-week mini-unit on Greece, we focused mainly on daily life, foods, homes, roles of men, women, and children, and the different classes of people in classical Greece.  It was pretty interesting for me, because as I was reading the descriptions, it could have easily been written about India in the present day in a lot of ways!

We also read about the beginning of the Olympic games, how they were run, and what types of games they actually played back then.  The kids enjoyed beginning to read "The Hour of the Olympics," a Magic Tree House book that really brings to life a lot of what we've been learning!

Sorry, no pictures this week!  We did school on the road!  We came on a short holiday to Ahmedabad and were able to visit our sweet friends Himadri and Mishu.  I DID get some great pictures of a wonderful place they took us called Kid City. Wow, we had a great time there!  Enjoy!

 Please disregard how shaggy Luke's hair is. : )
This is the boys hanging on the back of a REAL (mini) fire Engine that sped around the building to put out a fire!

Firing real water at flames leaping in windows!!

The victorious and brave firemen!

 This picture just makes me smile...

Learning all about our bodies!

Learning about surgery!

All of these faces are just awesome.

That battura is about four times the size of Mishu's head! It made me laugh! : ) 

 Luke and Mishhu both taking their job in the Indian army very seriously...

 Learning about being a prisoner.
Here we are dressed as policemen, who catch the bad guys and make them prisoners....

Here's a couple of those bad guys right now! See, Paul stole that backpack! It still has the security tag on it! : )  Put those two in jail, Lukey!

Such a fun day with great friends.  I wish we could do it more often.  I really miss Himadri's daily friendship and being just a short walk away.  I miss our regular heart felt conversations about things that matter so much to both of us.  I miss having someone here who needs me as much as I need her! I miss a friendly ear who really understands homeschooling and why I do it, instead of just chocking it up to me being a foreigner and we do things differently. Himadri! Please come back to Jaipur!! : ) Love you, sweet friend!

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