Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tapestry of Grace: Week 26

This week, we took a look at Greek achievements!  We studied Plato, Hippocrates, and some of the other key thinkers in classical Greece.  We learned about the Greek alphabet, and how many of our English words have origins in Greek.  It was a really interesting week!

Also, we were so blessed this week to have Hannah join us for three months!  She has volunteered to come and help us with kids and school during this critical time in our family's life.  It is such a testimony to how loving and wonderful our God is. I never would have asked for help in this time.  But when it was offered, I knew I needed it.  Homeschooling is a lot, but doable.  Adopting a child is a lot, but doable.  Living in a third world country, is a lot, but doable.  But doing all three at once?  Might just put me over the edge.  Hannah arrived and is figuring out routine and is doing great!  As the oldest of 8 home schooled children, she is certainly qualified to lend a hand to us in this time.  She has already been SUCH a blessing to me, and I'm amazed at how capable and servant hearted she is.  Her third day here, she was making her own Indian curried okra and chapatis!  She's making bread, going all over town, and is so wonderful with the kids. They LOVE her! I'm afraid she's going to spoil me rotten. : )

We studied how artists see and use "form" in art this week.  Hannah helped the kids make a bird's nest with eggs.  Levi loved this activity.

Luke made some kind of monster, not sure what this is?! : )

Kiryn's (re: Hannah's) nest with eggs and a bird

Luke made some special monster cookies on a plate...

Kiryn has been enjoying writing her spelling words on the chalkboard instead of in her book...

Luke was determined to try cursive writing, even though I keep telling him it's way too early! 

Levi loves to write with chalk on the slate, and it keeps him occupied, as long as he doesn't eat the chalk...

We pretended we had clay tablets like students in a classical Greek school would have had...

Except ours were cookie dough. ;)

The kids practiced writing their names in Greek: "Luke"


And, meet Hannah!  Here she is teaching Kiryn math...

Good buddies already!  Such a blessing to us, and I'm so thankful for her!

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