Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tapestry of Grace: Week 31

Julius Caesar!  One of my favorite things I love about Tapestry is that I am learning a ton!  Each week, I look forward to reading the teacher's notes, even though they go way beyond what my kids can understand right now.  I like to read it though, because it gives me not only the big picture, but a lot of details that I never got in my education.  I remember hearing the names of key historical figures like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar, but honestly, I couldn't have told you whether they were Egyptian, Italian or Greek, when they lived, what they were famous for.  Shameful, I know!  But I am learning so much.  And I love the way Tapestry takes history and shows how God was using even the secular happenings to make a way for his plans!.  It truly weaves history into a beautiful "tapestry" that I'm really enjoying studying!

So we were all about Julius caesar this week.  His life was really interesting.  He compared himself to Alexander and felt like he came up really short... he wanted to rule all of Rome, even though it was a Republic. He managed to become one of the consuls, and gained all the people's love and admiration, making it easy for him to monopolize the power.  His murder was planned by multiple senators who were afraid of what he was planning to do in setting up and empire and handing his power down to his descendants, rather than allowing the people's choice to take over.  We also learned a lot about Cleopatra this week.  Again, another historical figure I didn't know much about, and it was really fascinating!  We had some great books to read this week!

 I love this. When Kiryn brought me her math to check over, she had taken the initiative to do what she always does. She loves to say, "Hey Mom, you know that time in Cars 2, when Mater......"  So this time she just wrote it on the back of her math paper.  Awesome.

We made Caesar gold leaf crowns. 

Levi modeling one of the crowns. 

Kiryn being a little grumpy...

This the key to the cipher. : ) 

The kids and Hannah made ciphers, like Caesar used to convey secret messages!

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