Monday, May 14, 2012

Almost Lalibella

One of the most popular tourist stops in Ethiopia is Lalibella.  It is famous for it's rock-hewn churches that have been dug into the ground.  Many of them are carved deep down in the rock in intricate cross shapes, and they are hundreds of years old, most dating back to before 1000 A.D.  It's a fascinating place to go.  But with two small girls by myself, it was not manageable for me. 

However, my friend Koleta knew of an old rock hewn church not far from Addis.  So we drove out to it on that Sunday afternoon drive yesterday!  It wasn't as elaborate as the churches in Lalibella, but it was an awesome experience!  And I'm so thankful to have gotten a little taste of this part of Ethiopian culture and history!

Inside the red curtains is the "holy of holies", only the priests can enter.

Kiryn thought she discovered this tunnel. : ) 

Here, Kiryn is expressing, "Mom! I wanted ONLY GIRLS in this picture!"

And, now we're happy again.

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