Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Glimpse of Ethiopia

The biggest blessing of being here in Ethiopia is having a friend to share all my experiences with.  Not only to share them with, but to lead me in them!  My friend Koleta has lived in Ethiopia for many years and speaks fluent Amharic, has tons of cultural insights, and, she can get a mini-bus unstuck from the mud. : ) 

Even with being busy with her four kids, she has taken so much time away from their normal routine to show me around the beautiful country they have called home for years. It has been a tremendous pleasure and privilege for me.  She has taken me to the best restaurants, her favorite shopping places, to meet friends in town, and most special of all, she spent half a day on Sunday driving us out to the “out country” to see some of Ethiopia outside of Addis.  It is like a different country, and was a precious experience for me!  Ethiopia is truly a beautiful place!

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  1. What an incredible blessing! I can only imagine the smells and sights you were trying to memorize with each turn of the car. Beautiful!