Thursday, May 3, 2012

Killing Time

14 days since our file arrived in Nairobi for further review.  9 days since they acknowledged they have it. Waiting.

To keep myself occupied this week, Paul and I decided a BIG project was in order.  We've always loved to have color on our walls, and in all the houses we've lived in for a good while, we've enjoyed painting them up in a variety of colors.  We've been here in our city now for over two years, and have lived with the standard cream walls for long enough. On Monday, I got permission from our landlord to paint up the house this week!

So Tuesday morning, we got busy!  Here's what we've been up to this week!

Boys Room:
This is their room before.

And this is their room now!

I had planned to paint it a sage-lime green.  But Luke insisted on blue.  You should see the blue I talked him down from.  I'm happy with this compromise. : )

Our Bedroom:

These pictures are actually almost two years old, from right after we moved in. 

And AFTER! Our room now!

Pay no mind to the stash of Dr. Pepper under the bed. ;)

The paint is subtle, but makes a big difference in the room! 

And my favorite.  The living room before:

And now, here's our new living room!

The color is not exactly what I had pictured, but I think I like it. 

We re-arranged the furniture to give an even fresher feel.

I got that star as a gift for taking so many people to the furniture store that I love!  Love it! 

We painted across the arch. A view of the new divided living room and dining room. 

Painting is no joke!  It is seriously hard work.  After three straight days, we're both bone tired and aching! We're not as young as we think we are. : )  I'm so glad we did it, because the house feels fresh and new to welcome Meryn.  And I actually forgot for awhile that I'm waiting on an email at points during the last few days... now what to do? : ) 


  1. It looks awesome Megan! I'm really hoping we can paint soon too. We got permission but I don't have the time/energy yet. It is super hard work!
    Your place looks great and I'm sure Meryn will love it!

  2. You're not kidding about it being hard labor! I had two friends help me paint Caleb's room, and man was I achy and so tired the next day! I love getting it done though :) It looks great; hope it helped distract you.