Friday, May 18, 2012

Meeting Magnum P.I.

On Monday, I called the investigator and asked him if he might have some time this week to come and meet me. I wanted to hear more from him, just in a personal story setting, as well as thank him personally for all the help he gave us.  He said he would be at my hotel in an hour!

Sure enough, he showed up right when he said he would.  We had a nice visit over coffee in the lobby.  He didn't really have any new information for me, but he did say that in the area where Meryn was found, there are a lot of hyenas at night and he felt she was very lucky to have made it through the night on her own.  Holy cow.  God was watching over her and we are so thankful and amazed at his protection and goodness.....

Then, just an hour later, I was able to meet the man who actually found Meryn and took her to the police. When he saw her, he was moved to tears at how healthy and happy she looked. He couldn't believe she was the same malnourished baby he had found by the road back in September.   Her mother, or whoever was taking care of her, made a wise and loving choice to leave her outside the walls of the only orphanage in the city.  This man was an employee there at the time, and he heard her crying and went looking for her.  Unbelievable.  He found her outside the wall near the road.  I was hoping he might know more about her family, but he didn't live in the area, was only visiting for work, and didn't know anything about where she might have come from or who her family is.

He is an amazing young man with a strong passion for Jesus.  It motivates him in taking care of orphans as a career, but he also has a strong heart to share the love of Christ with all of those around him.  He shared his testimony with me and has an amazing story of being saved from bring of death at his birth, and growing up knowing that God had saved him for a reason.  I'm so thankful to have him as a part of Meryn's life history.  Praise God for using his people in so many ways to bring her into a family!  I'm so thankful for all the time I have here in Ethiopia to meet all these amazing people!

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