Saturday, May 19, 2012


Well, we made it home.  I can't believe it.  Ten days is a long time to be away from a husband.  Two sons.  Home.  Good food.  It's just a really long time.  I'm so thankful to be back with my boys, and there's not going to be anything that will justify this long of an absence again for a very long time.

I still can't believe that everything went just according to plan.  You know, when we were flung across the globe, three of us in Ethiopia, three of us in Nepal, all coming back to India within 12 hours of each other, needing two visas in an Ethiopian passport, just all the details, that it all came together is amazing.  I kept waiting for the disaster to hit.  So thankful to the Lord that it never did. (Although, Paul had a mini-disaster in the form of a strike in Nepal.  He had to take the boys to the airport at 5 A.M. because no cars were allowed on the road that day, and their flight wasn't until 5:30 p.m.!!  No restaurant, no chairs to sit in, no outlet to watch movies... by 8:30, he had had enough and went and bought tickets on the next flight to Delhi.  They were back by noon.  Good decision, babe...)  I literally felt all the prayers.  They sustained me.  Gave me peace.  Gave me courage.  Gave me hope to today. When I can breathe again because we're all.  Together.

So many people have loved our family through this adoption.  A very special thank you to all of you who so generously and sacrificially contributed financially.  Thank you.  From the bottom of our hearts.  Meryn wouldn't be here without you.  The word grateful does not begin to describe how we feel.

Several special friends in Delhi pulled together to make her homecoming a truly unforgettable one.  My sweet friend Andrea came to the airport, camera in hand, ready to capture the moments forever.  She did an amazing job!  See her handiwork here:

Meryn's Homecoming

I'm also thankful to my friend June for organizing the airport welcome and lunch celebration today!  What a blessing.  We feel so loved and blessed to be surrounded by the people who were with us today as we celebrate what God has done in building our family, and setting Meryn in a family forever.  He is so good.  When I saw all the people gathered to greet us, I was humbled, and just so happy... I smiled big.  And when I turned and saw Paul and my boys, all the pent up frustration, exhaustion, excitement, relief, joy and a dozen other emotions, just let loose in a giant sob fest.  I told myself I wouldn't do it.  But I just couldn't help it! : )  It just all came pouring out....

Here's a sneak peak of Andrea's great pics! I think this is probably the most confusing thing to happen all year at the Delhi International Airport. : ) We had lots of on-lookers trying to figure out why so many Americans were gathered around a crying white woman with a black baby. : )


  1. Oh my goodness! What a glorious day! Glory to God! Beautiful! Victory in Jesus! Love! Joy! Peace! Priceless! Amen & Amen!

  2. I love that everyone is all together! How fun!!!!! yay! We're so excited for you guys!!!!!

  3. Such great pictures. Only wish we could have been there.