Friday, May 18, 2012


I'm telling you all, for any of you who are traveling to Ethiopia in the future to pick up your children, please make a visit to Adams Pavilion at Sar Bait in Addis and check out the soleRebels showroom there.

They have some amazing designs, and I love that their shoes are handmade from old tires! Plus, buy six pairs, get one free.  I know.  I did it .... TWICE!  Haha!  I stocked up for Christmas gifts and gifts for friends back in India!  : )  I LOVE their stuff!

These are the shoes I got for myself (which I totally love):

This is one of the signs hanging in the shop, displaying how their products are made.

A view of the show room.  

Word to the wise: pickings are slim in different sizes and styles.  If you plan to be there over 5 business days, go on the first day, or call, and give them your order. Yep, you can custom order shoes.  If you browse their website before hand, you can tell them an exact style name and color and size, and they'll make it for you! I placed an order on a Saturday afternoon and picked it up on Friday morning!  Maybe you could even order by email before you go!  Who knows!!  

Check out the rest of their stuff here: 

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