Monday, June 25, 2012

A much-anticipated, prayed for meeting...

On December 27th, Paul and I drove our family, and our good friend Mohammad Hafiz, his wife, and their very sick little boy to Delhi.  We got them settled and ready to see lots of doctors the next day, and headed to the airport to go to Ethiopia to meet Meryn for the first time.

Meryn and their son, Yusuf, are only three months apart in age... to the day.  So many people have been praying for Yusuf's health.  His surgery was done in March and he is now home and has about tripled in size!  God is so good and is truly able to heal!  Meryn came him in May, and so many people have been praying for her as well, to make it home and join her forever family.

Yusuf's mother, Khaiyum, has been calling me "Yusuf's second mommy" for awhile now.  She also has told me several times that whenever they tell Yusuf, "Hurry up and get better, Meryn is coming!" He just smiles and claps his hands.  Both our families have been praying for these two babies and anxiously awaiting getting them together.

Well, last week, it happened.

What a joy it was to our families!  Yusuf wasn't quite as keen on moving too far away from his mom as Meryn was, but we did manage to get a few pictures of them together, as long as Khaiyum was near! : ) Love these two, and hope they will always be friends, for all that our families went through to get them healthy and home at the same time....

How precious are these two!?

Yusuf and big sister Sunna

Mohammad's girls have a hobby of making rugs.  We have one they made from old strips of saris and it's awesome!  Check out what this one is made from!

Every it of this rug is made from strips of unused clothing tags! How awesome is that?!  I have no idea where they got them, but I think it's awesome. : )

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