Monday, June 11, 2012

Since She Came Home...

I realized last week that I took a picture of Meryn's first night in her bed, on May 20th, and didn't take another one until a few days ago. We've bee busy.  But, here are a few highlights of the last week, at least since I've been a bit more intentional to take pictures of her!

Meeting our friend!

Loving her jumper!

She found my stash. :)

Snack time!

Already siblings.  Take that elbow to the chin, Meryn.

Love this! The spray off the water coated her hair.  Kiryn thought it was hilarious!

Kiryn and Meryn's new room!

That's all I got for tonight! :)

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  1. Muaah! Love u meryn. Love u guys. I am missing Jaipur badly. Somtimes I close my eyes and virtually imagine myself there and finally seeing Meryn.