Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tapestry: Year 2 Week 5

This week we studied: VIKINGS!  It was a great fun week, and we learned a lot.  I love homeschooling.  Here's one reason.  We briefly read about the belief system of the Vikings, and the names of their main gods, two of which were Odin and Thor.  The kids knew about our common pop culture Thor from a comic book a friend had given them. : )  But this weekend, we decided to watch Captain America as a family, and in the opening scene, when the villain is fining the tesseract, he mentions Odin!  I said, "Hey guys! You know who Odin is!!!"  Fun times.

We learned all about Viking culture, and how they would navigate as they sailed and raided.  We made a simple sundial, since no one back then had clocks. 

Kiryn marking her sundial with Roman numerals

This is Kiryn's note booking page.  I love these Vikings. : ) And, please note the top left corner where it says "Side Kiryn."  She has started writing this on everything, and I think it means "From Kiryn", because in Indian English, people always say, "From my side." She heard this recently when an employee at the Marriott gave her a lollipop and said, "From my side for you!" Awesome.

We read The Tomten.  Kind of a slow, weird little book, but they enjoyed it.  Tapestry has fun activity sheets almost every week on the literature selections. 

Luke's notebooking page. 

We also studied tornados and volcanoes in science.  We had a great time watching an episode of Storm Chasers on You Tube, and I was able to show them a video of a tornado I saw from the roof of my house when I was in 8th grade.  Don't worry, we knew from the news it was 7 miles away heading the opposite direction so we climbed up to see it.  And we could,... it was a mile and a half across.  Insane!

Here we are doing Shurley Grammar. I am LOVING Shurley Grammar.  Here we're categorizing nouns with yellow and verbs with orange.  (And in case you're wondering, the kids were trying to convince me to take the swimming, so decided it was "Swim School" day, where we do school in our swimsuits.  Whatever). 

Making word cards and marking their part of speech, building simple sentences and identifying the subject. 

It was a really fun week last week!  We've fallen into a really good routine, and the curriculum this year is really challenging the kids, and I can tell they're learning a lot.  Four more weeks and we're done with Unit 1 and head to America!!!


  1. Love Swim School Day! Looks like a lot of learning going on. LS

  2. Girl, you're rocking some school!