Monday, August 6, 2012

The Aftermath of "Service"

We usually try to have our air conditioners serviced before the hot season and somewhere toward the middle or end of the hot season.  It's unbelievable how much dirt and grime builds up on those AC's.

Today, we had our inside split AC serviced.  Two guys first came and cleaned the filters, wiped down the outside, and rinsed out the external unit.  Lots of black water running off. Nice.  : )  It all looked clean and new, and they left.

An hour later, the AC started dripping... more like, raining water inside the house.  It was a pretty rapid drip in several spots.  So we called them back.  They came a couple of hours later.

They opened up the inside unit, and about 1/2 bucket of water and grime poured out of it.  (All over my kitchen table and chairs, which they were standing on.  Unbelievable!  Big lumps of dirt that were soaked with water. Oh, it was gross.  After making the mistake of putting their dirty feet on my kitchen table, they proceeded to try to clean it with a toothbrush, which just got caked with dirt.  Then it was just a bunch of rubbing grime around from one place to another.  After their request to use the hose to splash water all over the AC (while it was still inside) was vehemently denied, we all finally agreed that the whole unit needed to come off the wall and be taken outside and cleaned with water (which would be at an extra charge).  Two hours later, they were finished.  Their work was done.  And this was the state of my house.

I'm not sure this rug will ever be usable again. Happened before I could do anything about it.

Can you see the grime splatters all over the door and wall??

Wow.  So much dirt everywhere. 

Somehow a blob of green paint inexplicably got on the floor outside.  And then it got stepped in again and again and drug all over the balcony. 

This is one thing about India I haven't ever and will never understand!  People who come to your home to fix something always leave the biggest messes behind them, and usually don't seem to give any care or concern for the things in your home or even try to take care of things, or be neat and tidy in their work.  But, now my balcony is cleaner than it's been in a long time, since I had to get out there and do it after they left! : )


  1. hey, they came to the Raddison Blu and fixed a messed up toilet and left the mess -- had to call housekeeping to get someone ELSE to come clean up THAT mess!! I don't get it either.

  2. In our 7 years living over here, I have NEVER been able to get use to this fact of life. It still makes me infuriated when they come and leave the huge messes! We just had a different geyser installed and we weren't quick enough to clear the entire bathroom of its contents before they started. I spent an hour removing red dust from everything!