Saturday, September 1, 2012


We had the BEST day in London!  We were pretty tired, but the kids did great, and we got to see just as much as we wanted to see...  London is a great city and easy to get around, even with four kids!

2 a.m. in the Delhi airport.

6 a.m. in the London airport.  Delirious silliness.

Working activity books I printed before we left about all the sights of London

Of course, it was raining.

At least for a few minutes.  Long enough to buy ponchos and get them on, and then not need them again. : ) 

Exploring with the kids guide book provided by the Tower of London

Our Practicing Princess

Our Apprentice Knight

William the Conquerors bedroom (I think!)

The throne room!

The toilet. : ) 

A dragon made from items in the armory=awesome

The Tower was really interactive for the kids and we had a great time. 

They had a fun time watching this guard march up and down with his straight legs. 

It felt so good to finally sit down... we'd been walking all. day. long. 

And, you have to have a picture of them at a tube stop. : ) 

So thankful we got to have this day and experience for the kids.  It was such a fun time, though exhausting.  One of the highlights came when we were trying to leave our luggage at the airport so we didn't have to tote it around all day.  It was a bit expensive, so I was talking to the employee, trying to figure out a way to attach the car seats to the suitcases and only be charged for one piece, etc.  They said they could not do that.  But a few seconds later, he offered to wrap the kids three small suitcases to the two car seats stacked together, reducing five piece into one.  Major savings!  The best part was, the employees both spoke Hindi, and the one who helped us, said to the other (in Hindi), "I don't feel right in my spirit charging them for all these."  We are always blown away by the Lord and how he is the God of the details. : ) 

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