Monday, September 10, 2012

Luke Turns Seven!

We are so excited to be in America for the celebration of Luke's birthday this year! I don't think he's had a birthday in the US since he turned one.  Let's see...

1st Birthday: Mesa, AZ
2nd Birthday: Ajmer, India
3rd Birthday: Delhi, India
4th-5th-6th: Jaipur, India

Yep, not since he was one.  : )  So, we wanted to do it up right.

In the past year, Luke has really gotten into Legos.  But he only has one or two sets.  So we thought it would be fun to travel to Kansas City and go to Legoland!  Both sets of grandparents joined us too, which made it even more fun!

My big seven year old!  He was up and at 'em early on his birthday!  He opened his gifts from us before we piled in the car and hit the road for Kansas City.  He got all things baseball!

When we got to Kansas City and checked into the hotel, he opened gifts from grandparents!  He got an Incredible Hulk suit.  It was ridiculously realistic, and scared the tar out of all of us. 

We decided to have lunch at the Crayola Cafe in Crowne Plaza, right across from Legoland.  Big ice cream sundae for the birthday boy! 

The whole crew at Crayola Cafe!

Upon arrival at Legoland, Meryn headed for the brick play area, and pretty much stayed there. : ) 

Papa and Levi spent a lot of time racing cars they built on this ramp.

Kiryn was happy to find some pink and purple legos. 

One of the staff helped her build this awesome car!

They had this area where teams could compete to build the tallest, strongest sky scrapers from Legos.  When everyone was finished, they made the table vibrate to see which tower would stand the test.  

The staff here was incredible! They were so friendly, and helpful, and genuinely wanted to make sure all the kids had a great time!

Here's Luke getting a little extra help to make his sky scraper the tallest...

Almost done, and getting ready for the shaking!  All the four towers crumbled, but our boys was the tallest after all the shaking was done! It lost the fewest pieces!

A motorcycle built of Legos.

They had this huge softplay area!  It was great to let the kids go run around in there and burn some energy, and give us a break! It's a bit grainy, but that's Kiryn swinging on rope!

I found this shirt at a garage sale when Kiryn was a baby.  Love it when my girls wear their "itty bitty baptist" shirt. : ) 

We had such a great day at Legoland!  Luke was able to convince his Grandma to buy him two Lego sets at the obligatory tour through the store after the museum.  He got a Creator set of a beach house, and a City set of a spaceship.  Lots of hours of fun ahead. 

Since we were in Kansas City, we couldn't leave without going to.....

Worlds of FUN!!!

I grew up going to this amusement park nearly every summer!  I was so excited to take the kids there.  We had a great time!
First up, the Carousel!

Meryn with her Grandma!  Love their smiles!

Luke and Kiryn on the kid roller coaster. I think Levi's there too, in the front of car number 5.

At Snoopyland!

Levi wanted to do this ride over and over and over....

The kids had such a great time!  We didn't get very many pictures, we were too busy riding rides!  Luke got to ride his first ever big roller coaster with us! That was awesome to experience with him!  The thrill of the ride the first time was just so much fun!  Kiryn, unfortunately, was not quite tall enough to go on the big rides.  Next time, baby girl! : )

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