Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween in America!

Since we've been overseas since our oldest children were small babies, none of our kids have gotten to participate in the American halloween.  I grew up going trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, I think I was even a witch one year.  I'm no worse for the wear.  I have such fond memories of dressing up and going and seeing all the neighbors that we knew, because back then we knew them all.  They were all eager to see what we were dressed as, and happy to give us candy, because they knew us.

There may be many valid reasons not to participate in Halloween, but as a mom who has fond memories of it as a child, and who's children have never gotten the opportunity to have a costume, we were really excited for our kids to go trick-or-treating this year, or at least once in their life.

We had so much fun planning and figuring out who would dress as what!  Levi is really into the Franklin cartoons, and so that was our biggest chore: putting together a homemade Franklin costume.  I love doing things like this as parents because it creates memories for us. "Remember when we glued that foam together and spray painted it and convinced him it was a turtle shell?? He loved it!" Such great memories!!!

Our first stop was at the local Publix. There were stations set up for fishing and cookie decorating.  All free! The kids loved this!

Levi as Franklin the Turtle

The back of the turtle shell.

Kiryn got a store bought Super Girl costume, and she loved it...

Luke wore his birthday present and went as the Hulk.  This was creepy. 

Oh, I looked so hard for a lamb suit for Meryn.  I just thought the white wool would be so adorable with her precious black face!  But I couldn't find one anywhere.  So she had to settle for skeleton pajamas...  an opportunity lost. :(

They got to go trick-or-treating with their cousin, Kaden, also known as the black ninja.  

We had a great time carving pumpkins too!

I don't know when we'll get to celebrate fall and all is fun in the US again, but it was a lot of fun this year to be here for this season!

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