Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kiryn's Birthday!

I think Kiryn holds the record for craziest birthday track record:

1st birthday: in Ajmer, India
2nd birthday: in Delhi india
3rd birthday: in Dubai, UAE
4th & 5th birthday: in Jaipur, India
6th birthday: in USA

Almost a different city each year!  So crazy...

This year, since we were in the US, and it's cold and snowy, we decided to have a winter-themed party!  We made cupcakes and coconut covered ice cream "snowballs."  We made snow globes, and decorated the cupcakes, had pizza, and went ice skating.  It was such a blast!  For her birthday, Kiryn got a giant doll house, two teddy bears, a few new Lego Friends sets, and... her ears pierced!  For her birthday meals, she requested donuts for breakfast, hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for lunch, and lasagna for dinner. Here's pictures of my beautiful six year old on her special day! : )

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  1. LOVE Paul's photobomb at the ice rink. LOVE IT