Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm hooked...

A little over a year ago, a girl named Hannah was helping us out with homeschooling and just generally doing life with us here in India.  (Has it really been a year?? We miss you, Hannah!)

I was going through a very difficult season in my life with our adoption process, and it was taking a stressful toll on me.  Hannah could see this.  She very kindly offered to teach me to crochet, saying that it might help me take my mind off things. I'd always wanted to learn to make some of the cute things I'd seen on pinterest, but had never had the time, or a hook. 

Hannah gave me a few quick lessons, and a hook, and I was off.  We even managed to explore and find a yarn store here in India, that had crochet hooks too! I started pinning patterns like crazy of things I wanted to become skilled enough to make. I thought I was dreaming, especially when my first "blanket" to make came out horribly misshapen. : ) 

But, I persevered, and it has turned into a great hobby for me.  I love to make things with my hands, and to have a project going.  I also love to make things for other people.  This year, I've made three small stuffed animals for several children recently adopted into families we know and love.  It was such a joy and blessing to make and gift these to these three very special children! : )

These first two, the Frog Prince, and the Giraffe, were made for two precious little boys, now brothers, adopted from Ethiopia.

And this precious little cat, I made for the new daughter of a good friend and accountability partner.  They just adopted her from China.  

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