Sunday, March 10, 2013

She calls me "Mommy"...

 It still takes my breath away when I hear her say it.  Most of the time, I completely forget that she didn't come from my body like the other children in my house, it just seems so natural.  She is our daughter... but sometimes my heart is just wrenched for her first mother, the woman who gave her life, and I wonder about her first father too.  Sometimes, I wonder where she got a certain feature, like her beautiful eyes, or her incredible strong will.  She is incredibly sweet when she wants to be, and totally bull headed when she wants to be.  She loves to be played with and held.  She instantly wants to make up when she's been corrected.  She has to know that our relationship is still okay.  Even sometimes if I just simply tell her, "no", she runs to me and lays her head on my leg like, but you still love me, right?  Of course, sweet girl!  She's growing so fast, and it's been way too long since I posted any pictures of her!

This is a girl who loves food.  The happiest I ever see her is right after I say, "Are you all ready to eat?"


Her hair is getting thicker and longer... and I'm learning more and more!

She has a penchant for screaming, for no apparent reason. 

First attempt at pony tails.  It lasted about 24 hours before she'd pulled most of them out. :)

She LOVES to be outside...

And she loves bubbles and water...

and mangoes.  This face is saying, "Don't you dare think about taking this mango peel away from me..."

I can't believe how long her hair actually is!

Looking so grown up!

This is her "CHEESE!" face! So awesome. 


  1. She's so cute!! My kids fit so naturally in our family too. I forget that we look different! Ha!

  2. Megan, she is absolutely beautiful. Great post. Thanks for sharing your life!