Friday, March 29, 2013

Tapestry: Year 2 Week 22

I don't even know where to start.  My attempts at blogging our whole school year have gone astray.  I always imagined that homeschooling in America would be so much easier, so much better.  The libraries!  The co-ops! Hobby Lobby!

Okay, so Hobby Lobby was pretty great.  But for Tapestry, I got way off track while in the US.  We were moving all over the place, and it was all I could do to keep up with math and grammar, let along projects, buying supplies... I did register at a library in a couple of different cities, but in order to get the books I needed for Tapestry, it was 10-14 day wait for inter-library loan.  So I ended up just buying it all, and then we got behind.... yada yada yada....

So it was not any easier, nor was it more fun or better in the states.  Now that we are back in India, we are back on track.  So I will not even attempt to blog about Unit 2 of this year, except to say, we did it. (barely)

We started back to school a few weeks ago, but we really had a fun week this week!  I'm continually learning how the kids learn, what works for them, what pushes them too far, how much they need to be challenged, and more.  Looking back at the pictures, it looks like we had a really busy week. I guess we did! : )

Little Levi, playing cars under the school table...

We spent an afternoon gathering supplies and making our tomb gardens for Easter week.  That was messy, and fun!

We continued learning about colonial America.  Kiryn colored pictures of jobs women had in colonial times. 

We made a candle, as people had to do in colonial settlements.  We cheated by pouring it into a glass, rather than dipping.  My candle making supplies were limited to crayons and string, so dipping was going to be impossible.  Maybe next time around I'll plan more ahead and can bring a candle making kit!

We spent a lot of time on geography, learning all about the first four colonies and their capitals, as well as landmarks and features. 

I got our Unit 3 lapbooks put together. I love these things!

In Elemental Science, we continued learning about the solar system.  Luke was having a competition with himself to see how small he could write.  This week we actually studied about Venus, not the sun...

This is Kiryn's first ever paragraph.  I was really proud of her, it was hard work for her! :) 

 Veritas Bible:
Veritas Bible has some fun projects strewn through the year.  This was one of them.  We colored pictures of characters, and acted out the crossing of the Red Sea...

Moses and the Israelites camped on the sea shore. 

Being chased by the Egyptians, Moses leads the way through the sea walls...

The Egyptians follow, and the sea swallows them up, and every one drowns ( a notable difference in the Biblical account from the Prince of Egypt movie, as my kids both pointed out this week).

Normally at the end of the week, the kids have an assignment to list out the stories in order that we've learned so far.  This is always a bit of a task, and now that they've learned 17 or 18, or is it 20 stories (?), it's getting to be more of a task each week.  So this week, we started a new game. Instead of writing the list out, they have to put the cards in chronological order.  Way easier, I know, because they're looking at them, but it's still review and tons more fun. :) 

So much fun this week in the Preedy Academy!  The kids are learning and growing so much, it is such a tremendous blessing to me to be with them every day and get to watch it all! 

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