Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Current Favorite Imported Item :)

We've lived in South Asia for six years now as a family.  We've flown into South Asia from the US now four times.  Which means, a lot of our basics have been covered in terms of "What Do We Need To Bring."  So this time coming back in February, I was able to indulge in a few more luxury items in my luggage.

One of the things I brought back was my mom's KitchenAid Mixer.  She gave it to me, and I jumped at the chance. I have always wanted one of these, but never bought one because I didn't think it would work here.  After living her for awhile now, I've realized, anything is possible. :)  We brought it back and had a stabilizer/converter built for it.  That cost about $45, but it was worth every penny! (or Rupee!)  I have so been enjoying that KitchenAid mixer.  It's funny how much better most of my recipes seem to turn out when made in the KitchenAid. :) 

But, as surprising as this may be, my favorite thing I brought back from the states this time has not turned out to be the Kitchenaid.  While I love it, and I use it often, my favorite thing has been......

the Swiffer. 

I have always wanted a Swiffer on this side as well.  Because we have four kids.  Because we have marble floors in our entire house.  Because it's quick and easy.  But I just never went for it because the pads were not reproducible here.  Plus, they just seem like giant maxi pads, which grosses me out.  

Enter Pinterest to save the day.  While cruising around on Pinterest, I found a crochet pattern for a washable swiffer cover. I made a couple as testers in the states, and decided they worked great.  So I bought a Swiffer, took it all apart, and packed it in the suitcase.  

I've got to tell you... I use that thing every day.  To clean up quick messes and spills.  To mop around the table after a meal.  To keep juice that was leaked from a sippy cup from getting sticky and gunky.  It is just so so so much easier than getting the floor mop and a bucket out.  I love my Swiffer! :) 

I am planning to make more covers so that I have at least one for every day of the week.  And you can make a little spray bottle of cleaning solution to spray in the area you need to clean before you Swiffer. I just diluted some lemon Lizol, but you could do a more organic formula with vinegar and lemon juice or whatever you want!  

I think this is definitely suitcase worthy for anyone coming out on their second or third trip! :)  

Happy cleaning!

(PS: KitchenAid Mixer, I promise you will reclaim your status as my favorite when my kids are bigger.)