Monday, June 3, 2013

Dinner Conversation

Tonight, we had one of those "I never want to forget this!" dinner conversations.  It went as follows:

K: (said something inappropriate)

M: Kiryn, I don't think the word you just used is a very nice word.  Let's not say that again.

L: What did she say, Mom?

M: It doesn't matter.

L: But what did she say?

Dad: Luke, let it go, it's not a word we'll repeat.

L: Was it the S-word? Or maybe the D-word?

K: No, it was the B-word, I mean, the F-word.

(at this point, Paul looks at me with wide eyes and says:)

Dad: Where are they learning all these words?!?

Mom: So, Luke, you won't be in trouble. Please tell us the S-word.

L: (embarrassed) ... stupid.

M: Okay.  And now, please tell us the D-word.

L: Damn.

M: Okay.  Kiryn what is the B-word, please?

K: (giggling) Um... butt.

M: Alright. And now please tell us the F-word.

K: (more giggling): Fart

End of conversation, which ended with lots of snickering by Mom and Dad, and a comment on how ironically well the kids version parallels the version we had in our heads. : ) And let me just clarify, the only reason the D-word is in this list today is because it was actually in Luke's history reading today! A British officer was quoted as saying it to a milita man.  I couldn't believe it!  We had a long talk about that word this morning. These are the moments I want to cherish in my heart.  Their naivety and silliness.  

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