Friday, September 6, 2013

Tapestry of Grace Year 3, Week 3: Early Industrial Revolution

Dad was gone this week!  We kind of did the basics and minimal other activities.  We also tried to get all the necessary school work done in four days so we could hang out with friends who were in town on Friday, and get ready for Luke's birthday party!  Yes, Luke turns 8 today!  

In Tapestry this week, we learned about how the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800's began to change the way people worked, lived, and traveled.  Prior to the revolution, people had had the same options for travel and speed for literally thousands of years. It was interesting to read about Eli Whitney and how the cotton gin came to be, as well as the challenges they faced in creating it for widespread use.  

In Chemistry this week, we learned about different elements, including sodium and hydrogen.  We did a little experiment to see how sodium effects water when it turns to ice.  The kids really enjoyed that, and were excited to check the cups every 30 minutes and record their observations. 

I didn't get too many pictures of this week, but here's what I did get!
I finally got my Tapestry of Grace history flash cards printed and laminated! I love the way the kids have retained the story of the Bible through the Veritas flash cards, so I thought I'd make something similar based on our weekly Tapestry studies.  I love the way these turned out, and I hope it will help us catch the threads of the story over the course of the whole year.

On the backs of the cards, I created a main idea sentence for them to memorize for each week.  Something simple, but that would help tie things together.  I the idea from  from Classical Conversations for their "Tell me about..."

We had fun with Wiki Stix one day.  Thanks, Grammy!  Can you tell who this is supposed to be?  I'll give you a hint, she lives in a tower and has magical long blond hair....

Levi is having fun with his preschool. He got really into cutting and glue this week.  He did a fantastic job with this project!  : )  

We are having lots of fun and enjoying life and learning together!  And we CAN'T WAIT for dad to get home.  Our home is so empty without him!

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