Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tapestry of Grace Year 3-Week 4: Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase

Week four we dove into Thomas Jefferson.  He was a fascinating person.  I was challenged by his passions and giftings in so many different areas:  music, violin, writing, surveying, anti-slavery, building, architecture, nature.  200 years ago, many men were truly "jack-of-all-traders."  I'd love for my kids to grow up to be interested and versed in a wide variety of things, like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

We are making a Presidents book this year and next.  This year, we began the page for Thomas Jefferson.  We also read a really fascinating story about Aaron Burr in "This Country of Ours".  
Did you know he challenged Alexander Hamilton to a duel and killed him!!??  Really!

 Luke is doing really well with Classical Writing.  This was his writing project for week 4. He did a fantastic job!  I'm so pleased!

We did a neat experiment this week to see how ionization happens...

We studied about Gideon delivering Israel!

Meryn had a "fancy dress" competition at school. I'm SURE she won...

We drilled math facts with this fun game...

It was a great week! :)  Next week, we're taking a look at Jefferson's second term and the judicial branch of the government.

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