Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tapestry of Grace Year 3: Week 6- Madison and the War of 1812

Happy birthday to me!  Monday was my 35th birthday.  Dad celebrated in style by taking us for a night away to the Marriott! It's always been a dream of mine to go to the Marriott for a night, ever since it opened a couple of years ago in our city.  We got to eat two meals in a row there, dinner buffet and breakfast buffet.  We swam in their gorgeous pool twice, and all enjoyed the luxurious bath tub and room. Truly relaxing and we so enjoyed ourselves!

So, that started our week off strangely.  We missed our learning work entirely on Monday, because we were busy soaking up all the Marriott we could. : )

We tried to get the all of our work done in the rest of the four days!  This week, we studied the life of James Madison, and his wife, Dolley.  She was known as the host-est with the most-est at the White House.  She was technically the first First Lady to live there.  John and Abigail Adams moved in just before his term ended, while it was still largely unfinished.  Thomas Jefferson lived there, but his wife had already passed away.  Even during Jefferson's term, Mrs. Madison played hostess in his wife's absence, since her husband was serving as Secretary of State and working closely with Jefferson.

We did an experiment to try to absorb the pigment of spinach into a coffee filter. 

It didn't work. :(

Enjoying our Latin memory match game.  Their vocabulary is building quickly, and they always look forward to Latin! Kiryn has even been using Latin words in regular conversation!

Luke's Classical Writing Composition this week: The Crow and the Pitcher. 

Aaaaaaa. : )  Pictures from my birthday at the Marriott below!

Fun times swimming!

Kind of blurry... the lighting in the rooms was not great for pictures, but all my kids are in it! :) 

Paul ordered a personal birthday cake to be delivered to the room!  Fudgy mousse chocolate cake. With peaches and white chocolate on top! :) 

The amazing beds!

It was a great week and we had tons of fun!  Looking forward to the next three weeks in which we'll dive into an in-depth study of South America!

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