Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tapestry of Grace: Year 4 Week 3

This week we began a four week study of World War I.  I admit, I didn't really understand what this war was about, or really know very many facts about it.  I have learned a lot in my planning and preparation for this unit!  I'm so thankful that my kids will hopefully grow up with a better understanding of the events and chronology of history, how things fit together, and God's plan in it all, thanks to Tapestry! :) 

We did a big fun project this week: we build a model of a trench and played trench warfare!  
Our trench was not dug in the ground, but we pretended it was.  :)

The kids spent several hours drawing and coloring on the inside walls.

HUGE imaginations at work!

Finished product: Luke's medical aid hut.

Kiryn drew pictures and postcards from home on th ewall.

Paul bought Luke this belt in Leh, India on a trip once, and it looks very similar to the WWI soldier belts.  Helmet and gun, not so authentic. :) 

I love their expressions, they really look like soldiers! 

Such fun and memories made this week! Oh, and we did some actual work too. : )  Here's a map of the Allies territory vs. the Central Powers.

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