Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tapestry of Grace: Year 4 Week 4

We continued our study of World War I this week.  We really hit our stride this week.  What was taking us 3-4 hours, is now taking us 1-1.5 hours to get done.  That makes this mama happy!  Here's a look at our student's schedule each week:

(this is really just a guide, and something to shoot for, it rarely happens like this!)

We reviewed our states geography. 

Here, we are using Legos to build different types of molecules.  Chemistry is totally fun!

It takes a lot of energy to keep the little ones busy and quiet.  More energy than I have most days!

But this game was a success!!! :)

Luke is growing up and is really taking to the independence required by his Tapestry studies this year.  He likes to be in control of his work and gets it done quickly, though not always well.  We're working on it. : ) 

Kiryn does not like having her picture taken. She was also not happy about drawing a soldier. 

We were so excited to go to our first Derby Homeschool Connections co-op meeting.  The kids had fun with science and PE! 

Back at home, doing some final drafts of writing projects on Aesops Fables. 

Luke did a great job on completing a cluster diagram with facts about U-boats, and then using it to write a well-constructed paragraph. 

Since I utterly failed with Artistic Pursuits two years in a row, I decided to go another direction this year.  I purchased Harmony Fine Arts, which I believe was written by a fellow Tapestry mom to coordinate with Tapestry studies.  There are three different tracks written in to the program, and we are following the track that uses Drawing With Children, by Mona Brooks. I have had that book for awhile, but it took the guide in Harmony Fine Arts to get me to use it.  We are loving the drawing lessons, and the podcasts.  I am not artistic or inclined to drawing at all.  So this has been a huge help to me, and gotten the kids exceed about art. 

We finished off our Friday by making Anzac biscuits.  These cookies were made by Australian and New Zealand women during World War I and sent to their soldiers on the front line.  They didn't spoil because they contain no egg or milk.  Since they were also easy to make gluten free, and had coconut in them, we were all excited to enjoy them! 

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