Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tapestry of Grace Year 4: Week 6: Winning the War and Losing the Peace

This week we concluded our study of World War I, learning about how the war ended on Armistice Day, and Woodrow Wilson's involvement in bringing about the peace terms, as well as the League of Nations.  It was all fascinating for me, because the treaty was signed in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles.  I have visited Versailles and walked through the Hall of Mirrors, and I had no idea at the time of the significance of the room.  I'm thankful that my children will hopefully learn about history and be able to much more deeply appreciate their experiences in the world, should they be blessed to travel as we have been.  We spent one whole morning looking through my scrapbook album of my travels around Europe, including a whole page of the Palace at Versailles.  Fun memories!

We enjoyed another Co-op meeting this week, and we found out about a homeschool event at the Kansas Aviation Museum.  We attended and learned about the science behind gliders, hot air balloons and kits.  The kids also got to build gliders and hot air balloons.  It was really well done and I'm thankful we were able to go!  Kansas has a long and rich history of innovative aircraft and it's neat to get to take advantage of living here and learn about it!

Luke and Kiryn enjoying the flight simulators

Sitting in a real cockpit!

Learning about gliders!

Kiryn testing a balsa wood glider

Luke designing and constructing his own glider after what he learned. 

Finished product.

Kiryn's hot air balloon!

Luke's hot air ballon, filling it with hot air!

The glider competition at the end of the day!  

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tapestry of Grace Year 4: Week 5: America Mobilizes and Russia Revolts

We're hitting our stride this year.  It always takes a few weeks to get back into the routine of school, but it's happening!  We did a lot of fun things with nature this week.  

Kiryn is doing well with Harmony Fine Arts.  She drew this beautiful Snowy Owl this week!

Luke drew this blue and orange bird.

We had a great day at our Derby Homeschool Connections Co-Op in our first PreK class!

We also are really enjoying studying our rose bush.  It's blooming beautifully!

In Tapestry this week, we learned about how and why America entered World War   We also learned how propaganda was used to influence the common people.  We made copies of some of our favorite propaganda posters.

I am learning a ton of stuff about World War I. I'm ashamed to say I didn't know much about the causes of World War I.  I've been enjoying this year a lot so far!  

Friday, October 3, 2014

Our School Room

We have moved so many times the past ten years.  I've only had a homeschool room one time, and that was in the very last house we had.  I LOVED having a school room, and was really excited about setting up a wonderful space for learning and life in our new home.  When we were looking at houses, the homeschool room having a window or better yet, access to the backyard was a deal breaker for me.  We spent the majority of our time as a family in the school room, so it's almost as important as the kitchen. : )  Maybe more important.

So you can imagine how THRILLED I was with this room.  I pretty quickly knew how I wanted to set it up and use the space.  This week, I was able to make my trip to IKEA and get everything I needed to get organized, get our books and toys out of boxes, and really begin to use the room well. : )

I do still have some more things to hang on the wall, but for the most part, this is the finished product!

I brought the large glass door cabinet from India, as well as the curtains, and the red rug. The round table and chairs were a Craigslist find, and my desk in the corner is from IKEA.

I love having a spot to keep my computer, teacher's manuals, and all the other stuff I need. :)

I love that we have a fireplace in the school room! I am imagining reading around the fireplace in the winter months, hearing the crackle of the wood!  

I found those awesome gold chairs at an estate sale for next to nothing.  The bookshelves and toy storage shelves are from IKEA

All my books are on shelves!  This is the first time ever some of them are not in a foot locker! I've never had enough bookshelf space before!

This is loaded with activities and building toys for the little kids to do while we work on school.  The painting above is a canvas that was given to us by a good friend after a mission trip to Burma. I love it!

From my shopping day: Swedish meatballs for lunch. 

My ridiculous parade through checkout. 

The car was so weighed down, it took twice the gas to get home it had taken to get there!

Last, Paul bought this paper lantern for me in Leh. I have always loved these paper lanterns, ever since I lived in Thailand.  He made it into an actual light and got it up int he corner of the room.  Of course, the kids think its our very own lantern from Tangled.  :)