Friday, July 31, 2015

Ready, Set, Go!!

I always like to think of summer as our 'off-time", but this summer it's been my work-in-over-drive-time.  I've been busy making Year 1 Tapestry flash cards, researching Memory work and making Memory work binders, cataloging and organizing our library, reading The Liberal Arts Tradition, which, trust me, was work. :)  But, I believe all the work will pay off when we start school this coming Monday! I hope I have made it easy on myself to plan and be prepared to make the most of each week!

Here are a couple of little tips for getting ready for school that I do each year!

1.  Did you know the UPS store will bind your books for you?  All those paperback, gum-bound workbooks and teacher's manual that never seem to make it through a semester, let along a full year, can be cut and spiral bound!  I take all the kids notebooks and any teacher's manuals I have, because they do it for around $3 a book!  This includes a nice clear plastic cover front and back to protect the book, and allows the books to open flat and stay flat.

2.  If you're a Tapestry user, have you printed out your Vocabulary and People Glossaries for the year? In your loom, you can find a document with all the vocabulary words with definitions by week, and another document with all the people covered in your year plan, with a short description, alphabetically with dates.  I always print these out and put them in a notebook or Proclick notebook. They're just really nice to have on hand to refer to when needed!

Here's to a great start this year! : )