Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Memory Work Tips

Okay, really just one tip. :)


I randomly happened upon this book on Rainbow Resource earlier this summer. I'd never heard of it, but was intrigued by the title. I did a little googling and looking at Amazon to see if I could see inside or read any reviews.  There was very little out there. And even though it was $32.95, I decided to take a chance on this, not knowing much about it, because it looked so interesting. 

This is a total hidden treasure!  This book lays out suggestions for memory work in the above categories: Latin, Greek, Math, Grammar & Composition, Literature, Religion, Geography, World History, United States & Civics, Natural Sciences, as well as a guide to how and why to memorize things. 

Last year, I spent hours scrolling through blogs and suggested memory, wondering what was worth memorizing and what wasn't, how to choose. I was never taught to memorize anything besides a few Bible verses, so this is all totally new to me. It took me weeks to sift through all the suggestions and decide last summer. 

This book did it all for me this year!  I decided what categories we wanted to focus on, flipped through the chapter, chose how many selections I needed, and then typed them into my formate to print straight out of the book.  It's not just a list. Campbell provides the actual text of each poem, hymn, literature selection recommended.  I only spent one morning while my kids were at VBS planning out and printing our memory work for the entire year!

In addition to being just about anything and everything you might ever want to memorize, it's also a GREAT reference book.  It has lists of historical info, like the Roman emperors in order with dates, all Latin declensions in charts, traditional prayers and creeds from church history, mathematics tables an charts full of formulas, and so much more.  

So, get this book! :) 

Here's some other pictures from inside: (I have tried about fourteen times and cannot get the pictures to rotate to the right direction...)

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  1. This looks great! I'd love a resource like this.