Sunday, September 11, 2016

First Month Wrap-up!

Preedy Academy kicked off for weeks ago and we've had a great four weeks!  So far, all the long hours of thinking and planning put in over the summer are paying off, and the choices I made for us are working.  Praise God for His guidance and wisdom!

Coming back from overseas, our first year we just hunkered down and did the hard work of recovery and healing.  The second year, I felt more able to take on some things like Community Bible Study, beginning a small co-op with some friends.  This year, I feel even more recovered and capable, but need to still be careful not to get over-committed.

Here's some pictures from our first few weeks! The kids' schedules are pretty laid back still, but my daily schedule is pretty crazy, I'm always moving, always working with one of them, or preparing food and cleaning up.  By 3:00, I'm so ready for them to put on their yoga or other PE video and fro me to get to workout with no one talking to me! :)

Playing math games together!

Levi is loving his first year Latin, especially getting to play Latin games on the computer!

Making Byzantine mosaics!

Luke opted for stained glass coloring.

Kiryn chose paper crafts of damsels hats and swords.

Karen's finished product!

Can you tell what we've been reading this month??

Levi is really into King Arthur!

Luke picked up an old projector at a bargain sale and wanted to take it apart... until he realized it actually worked. :) 

This spider built a web in our backyard and caught a cicada (I think!) in it, and it was amazing to see!

Nature walks with friends!

Byzantine stained glass project. This is the example I made to show the class. 

They took it really seriously and al did a great job!

Their finished projects displayed in the door!

Luke's Lego rendition of a scene from King Arthur.

This is Levi practicing addition and subtraction by building 20-step staircase and having his Luke Skywalker Lego figure hop up and down the stairs. Whatever works! :)