Adoption Breakdown

Time Line Information

3/1/11: Requested police background check for Paul from Burkina Faso
3/24/11: Fingerprinted and mailed off FBI Clearance application
3/30/11: Applied to IAG
3/30/11: Applied to Adopt Abroad for Home Study only
4/1/11: Applied for Police Clearance Certificate from India
4/28/11: Received India Police Clearance, KS State Clearance
4/30-5/1/11: Home Study Visits Completed
5/6/11: Received FBI Clearance and all state police clearances
5/27/11: All home study documents received at home study agency in US.  Home study report is being finalized. 
        -All dossier documents (minus home study report) received at placement agency
        -Contract with placement agency signed, sealed, and delivered!  
6/2/11: Home Study Report finalized and ready to be mailed
6/15/11: Home Study received at agency
6/24/11: Dossier sent to Ethiopia
6/30/11: Dossier has landed in Ethiopia!  We begin the wait for our referral... 
7/5/11: I-600A filed at the New Delhi Embassy.  They said 1-3 months for processing before we receive the result.  
9/30/11: Receiver referral for 2 month old girl!  Waiting for a court date..
10/5/11: Pestered the Delhi CIS office about our I-600A filed three months back
10/15/11: Finally received our I-171H (approved I-600A)
11/11/11: Submitted for a court date in Ethiopia
11/24/11: Received court date: 12/30/11
12/27/11-1/4/11: Travel to Addis Ababa for court hearing!!
12/30/11: Court hearing, case approved.  Baby Meryn is a Preedy!
1/4/12: Court decree received by agency, waiting on birth certificate and passport
2/9/12: Birth certificate is finally received
2/20/12: Passport is in hand, now waiting on Embassy doctor exam and report, while applying for Indian visa.  Praying!!!
3/13/12: Doc report received and translated, waiting for Embassy submission on a Wednesday
3/21/12: found out that our file is not complete as thought, but is missing two key pieces of evidence of Meryn's orphan status.  This not a problem with our case, or difficult to obtain, it just has not been done in the past six months since Meryn came into care, by our agency.  
3/22/12: Private investigator hired to obtain additional information on our case in hopes it will clear Embassy without going for further review in Nairobi, and also so we will know everything there is to know about Meryn's past
3/31/12: Police affidavit is in hand, still waiting on finders affidavit
4/10/12: Embassy requested to personally interview the man who found Meryn
4/17/12: Finder interview scheduled: 7:30 a.m. ET time (11:30 Central time Monday night, 10 a.m. India time)
4/17/12: Case not clearable. File sent to Nairobi.
4/23/12: Nairobi acknowledge the file was received.
5/4/12: Received notification our case was cleared on 5/2.  I immediately wrote the Addis Embassy and requested an interview for 5/10.
5/10/12: Embassy interview
5/11/12: US Visa received!
5/17/12: Indian visa received!
5/19/12: Meryn came home!

Financial Information:

When I was researching adoption, I always looked for a complete costs breakdown.  I never could find one I was satisfied with.  The agencies have theirs.  The home studies have theirs.  But I never could find one from a family that had everything all laid out there.  It was always such a mystery.  So in the interest of full disclosure, for you curious ones, here’s how it’s shaping up. 
Expenses So Far:    
Pre-Adoption Assessment                                 112.99
J.K. Consultancy Forensics Bureau                   178.83
IAG Application Fee                                         300
Police Clearance from India                             11.53
AAI Home Study fee                                         525
Kansas Background Check                                 60
PA Police Clearance                                         20
Kansas Child Abuse Registry Check                     20
SW’s Hotel                                                       75.76
Lunch with SW                                                 41.74
Social Worker travel and fees                            2000
Financial Form notarization                               4.5
Paperwork Partner                                            300
Medical Exam                                                   22.38
Blood Test                                                       17.07
Administrative Fee (home study)                        105
DHL Documents to US                                        69.01
Contract Fee                                                    5000
Dossier Fee                                                      1000
I-600A Fee                                                        720
Program (referral fee)                                       10,000
Court Trip                                                       
Total to date:                                                   $20,583.81
Expected Expenses:
Visas to Ethiopia                            $140
IN country translation costs             $900
Child visas to US                            $404
Childs visa to India                         $100
Food and lodging for trips               $1280
Dossier Documents                         $300
Airfare: Court trip                          $3000
Airfare: Pickup trip                        $1000
EXPECTED TOTAL:                                                    $26,744

How God's Provided:

Gift from Friend                           $2000
Gift from Second friend                $2000
Money raised by donations            $1000
Reimbursement from Employer      $4000
Grant from JSC Foundation           $17,770