Monday, January 17, 2011

Kiryn Turns 5!

Kiryn Spicer turned five this week!  She is such a fun-loving, silly, sweet, girly-girl. She wanted a Tangled themed birthday party.  I had lots more planned that I just couldn't get done, but it turned out to be a fun party with a few friends!

Kiryn is really growing up, and I love listening to her.  She talks and tells me stories all day long.  she likes to tell me about "dreams" that she has, which I suspect are really just stories she's making up.  So cute!  She loves to play with her Little Pet Shop Pets, and her Rapunzel doll.  She's really enjoying reading books like Princess Posey, on her own at bedtime! One of her favorite things to do right now is to have a "swim party" in her bathroom sink with her pets.  She's figured out how to stop up her sink, fill it up a bit, and wedge her pets into the bath toy foam letters, and they just float around.  Makes a mess, but she loves it!

Here's pictures from her Tangled Birthday!

The table!

Cupcakes... way simpler than a cake! 

Orange boats on the water, like Flynn took in the movie.

Singing the birthday song and blowing out candles!

Happy Birthday Girl!

Indian children don't typically open gifts at the party, so this was really fascinating for all of them!

On her actual birthday, opening gifts rom family. (She insisted on wearing the birthday hat all day long!)

A Hello Kitty necklace from Grammy and Papa!

The Little Mommy Doll, shared gift from Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa!

She's been asking for this, and was SO happy! : )

I'm so thankful to have Kiryn in our family.  She is such a sweet, sensitive girl who makes me slow down and enjoy life, and I so appreciate and love that about her! 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Speedy Preedy

A couple of weeks ago, I was out doing some errands, and drove by a pet shop.  As I drove by, a guy was setting a cage of rabbits out on the roadside.  K has mentioned a few times over the last few months that she’d love to have a rabbit as a pet.  So I just stopped out of curiosity to see how much they were.  Less than $10.  Sounded fine to me, but I wasn’t totally sold until I saw this brown bunny.  All the rabbits in the cage were white, except this one brown one.  (I don’t like white rabbits, their red eyes freak me out).  Then, upon further inspection, I realized the brown bunny only had three legs.  Oh, I was sold. :)  Now I just had to come home and convince Dad to let us buy him. 
It didn’t take much, only about an hour of persuasion. :)  He agreed it would be good for the kids to have a pet, and so off to the pet store we went to bring the bunny home.  The kids decided on the way back that we would name him Speedy.  Speedy Preedy, the three legged bunny.  Love it! 

He’s been so fun for the kids!  He’s got a lot of personality, for a rabbit, and is pretty clever.  He’s figured out how to get out of his cage and likes to find the spot closest to the heater to plant himself.  He’s also pretty quick for having only  one front leg, though he does loose balance fairly easily. :)  We love having him in our family and are so glad we decided to get him! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Semester, New Plan...

Last semester we started homeschooling L.  Kindergarten.  How hard can that be, right? I got a hand-me-down set of Sonlight K curriculum.  I’d looked at it online and was excited about using it.  I was quickly disappointed and frustrated with it.  It just wasn’t working for L.  We persevered until the middle of November when lots of travel hit, and then in December just did a lot of Christmas related activities.  But I’ve been planning and preparing for this semester with a much better idea of what to do, based on what I learned last semester.  Here’s our plan of attack to finish up kindergarten: 
Bible: mixture of Confessions of a Homeschoolers Character Studies and Desiring God for Kids: He Established a Testimony
Phonics: Sing Spell Read and Write Raceway Book 
Math: Math-U-See Primer
Handwriting Without Tears
Yamaha Music Primary Estrellita
Read Alouds: Vary depending on the week
I am really excited about all that we’re doing this semester.  We started today and had a lot of fun! I think Expedition Earth is going to be the highlight of our homeschool this year.  So thankful to Ericka at Confessions for writing it and making it available to all of us.  It is really well done!