Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tapestry of Grace Year 1: Week 3- Hotel School

So this week, we experimented with taking school on the road.  We had friends visiting and wanted to meet them in another state, so we packed up the kids, toys, and lots of books and headed to the airport. I planned ahead and thought I was well prepared for school in a hotel.  : ) I also decided it would be best to stretch the third week of school over two, considering we were going to be busy with our friends, in a hotel, and the following week we had to travel to Nepal to renew our visa.  Overall, we got done *most* of what we needed to get done. But it was really difficult!  It's not something I'm going to want to do very often.  : ) We're looking forward to getting back into a normal routine this week.

But here are some photo highlights of the last two weeks!

Headed to the airport! This is the first trip where Chotu pulled his own little carry on.  So adorable! 
K tried making Egyptian jewelry.  But I should have brought a needle.  We couldn't get the thread through the beads.  
Chotu hung out and watched some Wiggles and Letter Factory.  
Dad and L made a hieroglyphic using stamps and papyrus paper.  
K labeled a map of Egypt with stickers. 
Me and my little buddy... 
L's finished papyrus. 

L doing some phonics and grammar work. 

We also chowed down on some great Mexican food in Nepal! : )

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