Friday, November 18, 2011

Tapestry: Week 14

This is week 2 in a study of Ancient Greece.  Paul was teacher last week, so I came in halfway through, not really having a clue what was going on. : )

This week, we spent a lot of time on math skills with Luke.  Kiryn is loving her handwriting book, and is really enjoying the Raceway book from Sing, Spell, Read and Write.  Here's some pictures of them doing their skill work this week.

Love that I told him to halve these shapes, and he felt compelled to write "I love you Mommy" at the top. : )

Learning to do vertical, double digit math. 

Kiryn enjoying her math work. 

Levi enjoying the white board. 

Luke doing some of his history reading and writing.

And I thought surely Kiryn would wait to start decorating her vowels until she was ten or eleven years old.  Nope.  She's 4.  And all those are pretty little eyes, she said.  It's innate in girls. I for sure didn't teach her this. : )

This week, we studied the Minoans of Crete, it's demise, and the rise of the Mycenaeans.  It was really interesting for me to realize when all this was happening in correlation with biblical patriarchal history. 

We also did do a brief study of Greek mythology.  I got the book out that Paul was uncomfortable with and looked through it.  It did have some crazy stories in there about gods eating their own babies and then vomiting them up.  Weird.  But I found it all really interesting.  Lots of stuff I didn't know about Greek mythology, how all the gods were related.  I also realized so many things that we have as traditions originate in ancient Greek mythology, such as the cornucopia, or the horn of plenty.  Yeah, that was something the Greek mythological gods started.  Who knew? And here I thought it had to do with Thanksgiving!  So glad I'm in first grade again...

Here is Luke's journal page for History this week, and his first "landscape" afer doing an art lesson on landscape portraits.  He's not quite finished with the landscape yet. He was looking at a great photo of giraffes in the African plain with a beautiful sky behind as he drew this.  

We also tried some Greek food, including one day for snack this week we had dried apricots, golden raisins, and figs.

We had a really fun and interesting week!  Still loving Tapestry! I'm getting better at it with each week, utilizing more than it has to offer, figuring out what to concentrate on, what to leave for the next go around.  

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