Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yusuf Update

We heard great news as we touched down back in India this morning.  Our friend, whose baby Yusuf has been so sick with liver problems, has been granted favor and given a free bed in the best hospital in the capital to be treated for infections in preparation for a liver transplant.

Last time I wrote, the doctors had said the transplant would cost $50,000.  After doing some digging and research, we gave them some information and direction, and were able to bring them to Delhi with us when we came up to go to Ethiopia a week ago.  The family has spent the last 8 days visiting doctors we'd been in contact with, and the best hospital has offered to do the transplant for only $12,000-14,000. This is simply a miracle!  We are so excited for this family.

Please pray for this baby Yusuf. Pray the surgery is a success.  The father will be donating a portion of his liver to save his son's life.  We are trusting God has brought them down this path and the transplant will be a success.  We are also trusting God to show himself BIG as the finances for this are miraculously provided.  $12,000 is so much easier than $50,000! Though neither is difficult for our great God!

Thank you so much for your prayers for this family!

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